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TESTIMONIES ABOUT JONI AMES NOTE regarding Joni Ames by Jim Goll, on Elijah List, Feb. 2004: "Joni Ames is becoming one of the clearest prophetic voices who articulates what is happening in today's' contemporary society and by the Holy Spirit's help properly interprets it with true relatable meaning for the every day person to understand." Wasted on Jesus! James W. Goll Ministry to the Nations http://www.ministrytothenations.org "Joni Ames exemplifies a rare balance of ministry in the Spirit and the Word. God has tested this special servant of His in many ways over the years, and in each case there  has been a greater release of the sweet fragrance of Christ. Joni can encourage others who are in the crucible, because she has successful passed through the crucible herself. I highly recommend her ministry as a prophetic teacher to the body of Christ. Individually and corporately, the people of God are impacted by her life and her messages."  ~ Jim Buchan, Crosslink Ministries/Crosslink Fellowship Network, Windmill Publications, Charlotte, NC, Ph. 704-708-8150,  E-mail: BuchanJ@aol.com, Website:  Crosslink Ministries (http://www.crosslinknet.org)    "Our congregation has been so blessed by the ministry of Joni Ames.  Her  prophetic gift is among the most balanced I have ever experienced.  Our  people are encouraged every time Joni ministers to them, challenged to draw  closer to God and opened up to the great invitation God puts before them to  seek His plans and purposes for their lives. There never is any intimidation  connected with Joni's ministry, she is gentle, humble and absolutely "right  on"." - The late Pastor Kerry Andrews, New Heights Assembly, York, Nebraska  E-mail: RevKerry@alltel.net, Website: http://www.newheightsassembly.com "Our lives and church have been affected by Joni Ames in numerous ways.  She has introduced us to the prophetic ministry in a way that we didn't know existed. Consequently, our church has never been the same!  She has profoundly affected the personal  lives and ministries of our church body, not just prophetically but in her teachings as well.  You can depend on Joni to speak what is on the heart of God. We are blessed by her  wisdom and discernment.  Her teachings often clue in to the very core of issues affecting our body.  Concerning her prophetic gift, we totally trust Joni.  She is always courteous to the hearer and speaks the truth  with  a compassion that is completely non-threatening.  Lives are literally changed each time she has ministered in our body. Joni has become a friend of ours and we unreservedly reccomend her to any church or minsitry that is hungering for God." - Larry and Shannon Peterson, Shiloh Church, Norfolk, NE E-mail: shannon400@yahoo.com "Joni Ames moves in the prophetic gift of the Word of knowledge to individuals bringing  hope and encouragement.  Her humble, down-to-earth approach opens hearts to receive the word of the Lord. Joni has ministered to our Body of believers several times  over the past years and is a great blessing. She teaches the Word of God using lessons she has learned from her own walk with the Lord.  We heartily recommend her  ministry."   - Pastors Tom & Anne Rasmussen, Grace Church, Newman Grove, NE     E-mail: traslife@albion.net "It is with great pleasure that I recommend  Joni Ames Ministry to the Body of Christ. The Holy Ghost uses Joni to bring comfort and healing words to the wounded and broken hearted.The words of inspiration have helped many in our fellowship of Heartland Aglow to continue to walk our daily walk with Jesus. I have had Joni in my home and she has even ministered to many of my catholic friends who really felt the love of Jesus in Joni. She is a dear, sweet lady, who love Jesus." - Heartland Aglow President, Janey Dubas, Kearney, NE   E-Mail:  jsabud@nebi.com    If you would like to have Joni minister  to your group, contact her at JoniAmes@aol.com   ********** Read Joni's Work History... Click Here 
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