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TO HAVE JONI MINISTER TO YOUR GROUP... If your group is interested in having Joni minister to them, contact her at: JoniAmes@aol.com MINISTRY REQUIREMENTS * That the Lord open and confirm the door. * Transportation (gas money if I drive there; plane ticket for further venues) * Lodging at a motel or hotel (Motel 6 or similar is fine - a place that accepts animals, as I bring my 2 little dogs with me - first floor easily accessible room) * Meals provided if we go to a restaurant while there. * Offering, to be given to Joni before she leaves. (Just be sure your group knows up front that an offering will be received & to be considerate. We receive and give the Gospel for free; but if you require someone else to deliver it to you, their travel and living expenses are not.) * If possible, please help schedule other meetings in your area during that time. This will also help in sharing the cost of travel expenses, so that it is not all on just one group of people. (If that isn't possible, contact me anyhow. Often there are those that tell me, "If you are ever coming to the area for something else, alwasy include us in your trip.) * Please supply cassette tapes & AA batteries so that those prophesied to may receive that on tape. (I take my own recorders with me.) Or else be sure that the meeting is recorded. * If meeting is recorded, a copy of it (CD or tape) of the teaching portion before I leave, or mailed to me soon afterward.
God has called Joni to minister to His people, and to train and activate them into their purpose, call, and destiny. Joni, often with an assistant, travels all over the nation to minister God's Love in both the large places and the small. It is your much needed gifts that keep this ministry vital and alive, to further His Gospel! Whether on the road or at home, Joni's life is a full time, faith based ministry, dependent totally upon what the Lord brings in through love gifts from people like you. Joni doesn't charge a "fee"... but please remember that while we receive and give the Gospel for free, when it requires for someone else to deliver it to you, their travel, maintenance and living expenses are not. Additionally, it requires much needed preparation time to bring these teachings to you for your meetings. If possible, please help schedule other meetings in your area. This will help in sharing the cost of travel expenses.
God has GOOD plans for you!  (Jer. 29:11)